We are specialized in private and customized tours for individuals, groups and corporate customers to give our guests a truly unique travel experience. While we show our guests the famous and popular places, we also pride ourselves on showing you Kyoto and Osaka off the beaten track. We are always happy to tailor make your tour based on your specific requests.

Having lived in this area for years, we know all the best kept secrets and how to have fun with our guests creatively.

Our guides are all street-smart and know very well the local neighborhoods. With us, you will be shown the local way to fully enjoy the city like the locals do.

As the founder of Trip Maestro, I hope to create unforgettable memories for my guests who come to visit Japan with my extensive experience in the tourism industry.
And as a stern believer in faith, I have long delighted myself to serving and delighting the others.

Tell us what you like and what you need to do here. It is always our pleasure to assist you plan your trip.
With us, you will only take home great memories of Japan.


Review from our guests

All four of us fell in love with Japan, Our experience there clearly made a very special impression on Carter.
One of my favorite saying is something like “People will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
You clearly people,but I hope this is a reminder to you of how meaningful your work is to others. Thank you for that!
The Highlight of our Trip
We experienced two tours, in Osaka and Kyoto, on our second visit to Japan - the Osaka food tour and Kyoto Nishiki market tour.
As a local guide, Toshi is beyond 5 stars and these two hours were the highlights of our trip.
The Osaka food tour was such a memorable evening that we decided to back track to Kyoto solely to do another tour with Toshi.
Thank you!
The food tour provided by Trip Maestro was amazing for many reasons;
the introduction to a wide range of Japanese cuisine -it is so much more than the sushi restaurants of North America,
the informative and enjoyable discussions that I had with the tour guide Toshi,
the picture - taking opportunities, walking the streets in the evening searching for geishas…
And a special thanks to Toshi for doing the tour for only one guest even after others dropped out.
Definitely a tour company that is committed to serving its clients.